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About Frank’s Discus

The discus I offer for sale have been reared by their parents.  I keep young discus at a pH of 7 and a temperature of 84 degrees.  The discus fry have been weaned from baby brine and are eating crushed Tetra color granules and any good quality flake.  For the smaller discus, I use a pepper grinder from the dollar store to crush the color granules.

The parents are kept at a pH of 5.8 to 6.2 (I use Seachem Discus buffer) and a temperature of 84 degrees.  They are fed the Tetra color granules and good quality flake.  I will also feed them live black worms when I can find them locally.  I can write pages on the various “tricks” you can use to induce them to spawn.   I will happily discuss breeding techniques via email or over the phone if you are interested.  I know some people prefer to use frozen blood worms, however, I am allergic to them so it is not worth it to me to feed them as a treat, and my discus do not seem to know the difference!

I no longer feed my discus beef heart.  I used to make my own beef heart mix (per Jack Wattley recipe) but I have found that the improvement to my water quality and health of the discus far outweighs the risk of the bacteria introduced by feeding the beef heart.  I know some may be skeptical, as was I, but my discus have never been healthier by using the color granules for the majority of the feedings.   As far as substrate goes, I use play sand from Home Depot (make sure its the pre-washed kind) or no substrate at all in my breeding tanks.

I am attempting to only post pictures of fish I have in stock.  Thus is you see something you like please email me at  Unfortunately I am not offering any shipping at the present time.  I am located northwest of Pittsburgh, PA and about 2 hours away from Erie and Cleveland and central portions of Ohio.  I have met many folks halfway on the road before between these locations and even further.

The juvies I have in stock are from the beautiful Penang Eruption pair above.  They are about silver dollar in range and selling them for $30.  I also have another brood of diamond yellow discus coming along that should be ready in a few weeks.

I am selling off some of my proven breeding pairs.  I have two blushing red pairs available for $250 apiece.  This is your chance to try your hand at rearing discus if you have been thinking about  it.  Not any easy feat but having a proven pair is a great start.  I also have other proven pairs I may part with at the right place.   Email me at for further information and discussion.


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