I am attempting to only post pictures of fish I have in stock.  Thus is you see something you like please email me at fmyerski@msn.com.   Unfortunately I am not offering any shipping at the present time.  I am located northwest of Pittsburgh, PA and about 2 hours away from Erie and Cleveland and central portions of Ohio.  I have met many folks halfway on the road before between these locations and even further.

The only featherfins I have in stock at the moment are the Opthalmotilapia Nasuta Kashenge.   I have a group of 6 pre-breeder in the 2+ inch range for $90.  If you want to give featherfins a try these are the ones to get.   One of the hardier strains I have kept and have continued to produce great offspring that breed true for the last 5 years or so.

2 Featherfins