I am attempting to only post pictures of fish I have in stock.  Thus is you see something you like please email me at fmyerski@msn.com.  Unfortunately I am not offering any shipping at the present time.  I am located northwest of Pittsburgh, PA and about 2 hours away from Erie and Cleveland and central portions of Ohio.  I have met many folks halfway on the road before between these locations and even further.

I am really excited about my peacock breeding colonies right now.  They are producing some exceptional offspring.

Aulonocara Rubescens (Red Rubin) – I am raising this colony in a 100 gallon sump below my 240 gallon moba frontosa tank.

Aulonocara Strawberry Peacock – The males continue to color up throughout their life with no two exactly the same, and are usually the first fish pointed out in cichlid tanks that I have stocked.

Aulonocara Lemon Jake – these are awesome fish as can seen in the first picture.

Last but by no means last – Aulonocara Albino Baenchi Yellow Peacock.  This is the first strain of albino peacocks that have continued to generate one show quality male after another.   At the recent OCA swap meet in Cleveland, these fish sold out before they hit  the table.

I am selling juvies of all but the Baenchi in the 1 to 1.5″ range for 5 for $25 and 2″ and larger for 10 apiece.   For the Baenchi I am selling trios for $50, and juvies 5 for $40.

lemonjake7 Peacocks