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“I have bought many different species of fish from Frank over the years and am very pleased every time I make the trip through the fish room.  From his beautiful tangerine discus to his gorgeous Mobas anything I have ever got from Frank is quality and are very healthy most importantly.  His service is amazing and his price you just can’t beat!  I get excited every time I make the trip to come visit the fish room and am never disappointed. I recommend Frank’s fish to anyone that is looking for high quality healthy fish.” -Nathan Flaig, Ichiban Tropical, Inc.


“After much debate about getting a fish tank and many visits to his impressive fish room, I decided to ask Frank for some help with setting up my first tank in my new house. Frank was happy to advise me on not only the size of my tank, but also talked me through the set-up from start to finish – even helping me out with my filtration system when it started getting really loud. He also helped me pick out fish that would cohabitate happily and gave me some samples of food to try. He even tested my water (we have a well) to make sure that the conditions were optimum for the successful raising of his fish! With Frank’s help, my tank is happy and healthy and I absolutely love the colorful addition to my home!” – Becky from Mars, PA